Sunday, April 4, 2010

Typical Dancing Party

Every so often for special occasions, such as baptisms (which actually are quite often), the women get all dressed, get together and dance. There is a group of people in each village that make the music for these parties – the women (and men sometimes) sing and pound on pans and other things to make a beat. The woman singing often sings about a specific person throughout the party; when that happens, that person is supposed to get up and dance, and then give the woman singing money (which she splits with all the women who are helping make the music).

These particular photos were taken when Kate, the volunteer before me in Kayemor, had a going-away party for herself.

This party was out front of my compound – and yes, there is a large herd of cows being herded down the road behind all the women dancing/sitting/singing.

Kate dancing with the women (they are totally enjoying themselves):

Me dancing in one of my traditional Senegalese outfits (I accumulated quite of those now…):

These girls (all in “my” (and Kate’s) girls group were out there dancing with the older women, too. This picture was taken in my hut after the party.

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