Monday, March 29, 2010

Living in a Microwave

It was confirmed this morning that living in Senegal is like living in a microwave. “How?” you ask? Well, you know those plastic syrup containers that can be microwaved to heat the syrup up and then have a little heat sensor to tell you when the syrup is hot? Yeah, I got one of those in a package recently so this morning Cora, Jen, and I decided to make an amazing Greek salad egg scramble (with our left-over Greek salad from last night) and French toast with French-pressed coffee (going all European for breakfast). When we were setting the table I pulled out my syrup and was (half-seriously, half-jokingly) lamenting how we don’t have a microwave to heat up the syrup, Cora suggested I leave the syrup in the sun for a few minutes and see if it would quickly heat up a little bit. I knew the sun was intense here, but I had no idea how intense: within less than a minute the heat sensor read “HOT!” So, some things we can conclude from this experience are that
1) the sun is really intense here, so intense, in fact, that
2) living in Senegal is (almost) like living in a microwave – that is running; and
3) you should send me syrup in a package because we’re going to
4) be making French toast and pancakes all the time!

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  1. hahah. I didn't know they had labels... that tell you hot. :-P But yay yummy breakfast!!! :]

    (the pictures didn't show up... even though I refreshed. not if its just my computer though)