Sunday, March 28, 2010

Warning: Construction in Progress

Construction on Kayemor’s seed storage facility has officially begun! The building is coming along quite quickly, actually, considering the sun and heat make manual labor almost unbearable for several hours in the early afternoon.

Here’s a picture of Kate (the PCV in Kayemor before me, holding the official paperwork – the Peace Corps symbol is almost discernable), Elimane (far right; the entrepreneur who designed the building and is overseeing construction of it), the men and woman on the board of directors (there is another woman on the board, but she couldn't make it to that meeting) for the Peñc Mi organization that requested the facility on behalf of the people of Kayemor and surrounding villages, and me. We’re standing on the original site for the facility – the location has since moved south about 300 meters to be closer to the main road running through Kayemor and because the soil was a little more solid there.

Here are pictures of the new site for the facility a few days before construction began.

Construction in progress:

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  1. It's nice to see a construction in progress, especially if one sees before and after photos. How did this project go? It's been a year already. The seed storage facility must be completed by now.

    Buck Arunachalam