Monday, August 30, 2010

There’s a storm a-brewin’ – or rather, it’s well-brewed already

It’s the full-blown rainy season now and while the rains usually come in manageably-heavy down-pours, sometimes the rains are just torrential. Here are videos from two such occasions: the first one was a while ago when I wanted to go up to Kaolack so I had gotten up early to catch the first car out of Kayemor, and then it rained…and rained…and rained…so while waiting (because cars don’t leave when it’s raining, especially when it’s raining as hard as it was), I decided I might as well get a video of the rain, from the front porch of my host Dad’s room; the second video is from one morning (both videos happen to be taken in the morning, but the rains just as often – if not more often – come in the evenings and night) when I was getting ready to go visit farmers and, since it had rained heavily the night before, I didn’t think it would rain again even though it looked threatening, but just as I was leaving my hut it started sprinkling, so I decided to just wait a bit and see what happened – needless to say, I was glad I waited because, as you can see from the video looking out the back door of my hut, it ended up pouring again.

PS Just found out that there is was a Hurricane Danielle in the Bermuda’s (now it's just a tropical storm, or maybe not even that...) – finally my dream come true: my own hurricane. It’s quite the stormy season all over the world apparently.

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