Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tafa and Koumba's Wedding (continued)

Here are a bunch of videos that I took with my camera throughout the celebration. Sorry some of them are blurry - not sure what happened...

Souckeye (my host mom) dancing, and then Kumba dancing. The blue netting that you can see when Koumba pulls apart her skirt ao bit is what all the women have (in some form or another) underneath their skirts. I think the American equivalent is the garter (but all the women wear it all the time when they have dancing parties, not just the bride for her wedding).

Koumba dancing

Koumba dancing again

The woman that the woman in white is pushing around about a quarter of the way through the clip is my aunt; she’s several months pregnant (with her fourth child) but can still really move!

The first girl dancing in this clip is my friend Yassa. In the next section of the clip, the woman in yellow is dancing so well that a woman gives her 2 mille (about 4 dollars), which she proudly holds up to show everyone else. Giving money to someone dancing is a way to show that you think her dancing is really great – it is not uncommon, but usually the women just joke around and toss a coin purse to the woman or a shawl or a cell phone (which is what happens later in the clip).

A bunch of the girls dancing in this clip are in "my" girls group.

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