Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I received 4 packages in one day last week and another package the next day. Let’s just say I was totally pumped – and also a bit overwhelmed, but more pumped than anything else. :) Two of the packages were from one of my aunts, one from my parents, one from my sister, and one from my “adopted parents” in my church in Ithaca (when I was at Cornell last year). All included a good amount of chocolate (M&Ms definitely held up the best, but I definitely love the variety) as well as other good food like raisins, almonds, pudding, and granola bars. Other items included are things like crayons and tennis balls for kids, handkerchiefs, and…?

If you feel so inclined, I would love to receive love from you in the form of a package. Things I would most love to receive include:
- Dried fruit
- Chocolate – in the form of candy or pudding or in other snacks like granola bars
- Cake, brownie, pancake, or other pre-made mixes
- Trail mix
- Crayons and other fun things for young kids
- Anything you think I would like and/or want to throw in!! :)

My address:
PCV Danielle Stoermer
BP 2089 Ndorong
Kaolack, Senegal
West Africa
Par Avion/Air Mail

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