Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Host Family Reception

We had a reception last week for one member of our host families (there just wasn’t enough space for more than one member per family to come to the training center). We all gathered in the early afternoon, had lunch together, and then hung out, drank tea, danced, and had a really great time. Below are some highlights:

Here's Cora and I dancing - me in the blue t-shirt and Cora in the crazy purple outfit her family gave her as a going-away gift

From left to right: Cora, Ibrahama, Papa Idid (Cora’s dad), Modou (my brother), me, Pap Demba, DeSofie (Teresa’s mom), and Teresa

From left to right: Cora, Ibrahama, Papa Idid, Modou, me, DeSofie, Pap Demba, Teresa, and Bamba (our Language and Culture Facilitator – i.e. our teacher)

A Senegalese woman made this shirt for one of the LCFs…anyone want to try to make it for me?!?!? I LOVE it! :)

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