Friday, September 11, 2009

Papa Idi + Fas + Charette + Tisi + 3 Toubabs = Amazing

Cora, Teresa, and I took an amazing trip into Thiès last Saturday afternoon. Cora’s dad (Papa Idi) owns a horse (fas) and buggy (charette) and he told us he wanted to take us on a ride to Thies, and when we found that out, we quickly realized that would be a great time to buy cloth (tisi) to make nice Senegalese clothes for Korite (the holiday to celebrate the end of Ramadan, which is in just over a week). And when we were making the plans, her family then told her that Kumba, her oldest sister, can make the clothes for us and will meet us in Thiès to help us barter and buy the right cloth and trim. It couldn’t have worked out better – we had a great time feeling like 3 queens (aka toubabs) riding through Thiès on the charette, plus we got great tisi (Rafet na! [It’s beautiful!]) and we’ll will have true Senegalese clothes to wear for Korite. Probably our arrival back into our village was the best though – riding through the center of the village, around the well, and back to Cora’s house, with cloth in our hands and watermelons (for our families when we break the fast) between our knees. And what was even more fun was that our families were just as excited to see our cloth as we were to show it to them! The experience truly was priceless. :)

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