Friday, October 7, 2011

Serigne Djim Ndiaye’s Gamou Gi

Just like last year (here’s my post from last year:, the marabou in my village, Serigne Djim Ndiaye, hosted his annual Gamou Gi, this time in mid May.  The activities were more or less the same this year as they were last year, except that it was more elaborate and extravagant: he killed something like 17 or 18 cows this year (as compared to the 15 he killed last year) plus goats and chickens; the major national television station plus other media stations were there to broadcast and record the event; and the preparations included not only building more latrines and fixing up falling apart huts in the (vast) marabou’s compound, but also persuading the village to commit to paying their water bills on time and convincing the water company that these were not empty promises (because the running water had been cut in Kayemor for several months prior to the Gamou since something broke in the water tower and the water company was refusing to fix it because so many villagers were not paying their water bill).

Here is an album I uploaded to Picasa with a bunch of pictures and videos that I took from the Gamou:  Don’t I blend in so well in the new Senegalese outfit I got made just for this event?!?!? J

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