Sunday, January 16, 2011

Great photos of Nioro

Here’s my attempt at making a long story short so I can get to the point of this post: the blog of a professional photographer that has some great shots of Nioro.

I’m working with the 4 other PCVs in my sub-region to start school gardens in 4 different schools in 4 different towns/villages. This was all started because a woman, Khady, who grew up in Nioro but now lives in the States, started a private middle school in Nioro for students who didn’t make it in the regular school system and she wanted the school to see if they could find a way to make use of a massive fenced-in field that her dad used to grow things on but now is overgrown with trees (though delicious trees, like mango and lemon trees) and weeds. One of the teachers knew the PCV in Nioro, Elizabeth, so he contacted her to see if she had ideas about what to do, and after many meetings we developed the school garden plan, which has now expanded to 3 other schools. Khady tries to come back to Senegal every year, and this year she came back with a professional photographer, Dawn, to photograph and school and students and stuff because Khady is in the process of turning the project into an NGO. I’m writing all this because Dawn’s blog has some great photos of Nioro (she is a professional after all), so check out her blog: Her posts about Nioro start in December and go through January 2. Hope you enjoy her pictures and stories as much as I did!

PS There will be much more coming about the school gardening stuff soon, so stay tuned! :)

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