Wednesday, November 25, 2009


In as few words as possible, my hut is amazing. It is big and spacious, has a light bulb and an outlet, has two doors (though unfortunately no windows), gets good air flow (which also means it gets really dusty – but what doesn’t here?!?!), has a nice backyard (with basil and mint and 2 young papaya trees that will hopefully produce fruit next year!) with an outdoor bathroom and “shower” area (for my bucket baths), is in the back corner of my family’s compound so I can feel part of the family but still can escape if I need to, is decorated with a world map and Senegal map and postcards and pictures already (and will be even more so with time – and I hope to paint a small mural of sorts, too!), has a nice bed and “desk” and dresser and bookshelf, is clean and organized, and feels like my home for the next 2 years (which is good, since it is my home for the next 2 years). Here are some pictures to help elaborate on the coolness of my hut:

My desk and front door (on the right):

Just to the right of my front door - my bike, world map, postcards, second chair, trunks, etc:

My backdoor, bookshelf, seed storage containers (yellow buckets and big water jugs), the mat for the kids to sit and play on, and the side of my dresser (with fabric hanging over the front):

Essentially the same stuff, with a slightly different angle (my water filter is featured prominently in the center there), and the Senegal map is off to the left:

My bed, mosquito net (yellow-ish thing hanging down from the ceiling), top of my dresser, desk, and front door:

My bathing area to the left (with my bucket of water and pan in the back to collect any extra water that I then use to water my basil, mint, and papaya trees) and my "toilet" to the right:

My backyard - nothing planted in it yet, but I might plant some stuff...or use it for my tree nursery area in the spring:

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